Dr. Phil Wilhelm

  • MLM/Direct Sales Guru
  • Paper Crafting King
  • Health/Fitness Coach
  • Essential Oil Leader
  • PhD in Education

Owning My Life

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Dr. Phil Wilhelm

Hello friends,

I was a public school music teacher turned college professor who trained future music teachers and was in full-time education for nearly 20 years. I still teach a private studio and also direct music at a church. Music is in my family blood and it’s something I really love. But now my businesses are my full time job and I get to set my own hours and travel when I want. I OWNED MY LIFE!

I’ve been in direct sales/multi-level marketing for 20 years and I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I remember excelling at going door-to-door in boy scouts to sell more pizzas than anyone. I loved the thrill of it; as I did better I got more!  Though fulfilling in other ways, that certainly never happened in my teaching career.

Running a thriving scrapbook and essential oil business are exciting. I know it sounds crazy, right?!?! Like they don’t seem related. But think about it, scrapbooking is about preserving those moments that matter most. Don’t you want to be around longer to have more moments? Well my uncle died in his 40’s and my father died at 67. My German genes were not that healthy. Well I love life, I love vacationing. So I made the change to become a Wellness Advocate in order to hopefully set my site on a longer, healthier and more productive life. I’ve made positive changes to my health, including becoming a certified Pilates instructor and found a product line that gives me an alternative, to go for something natural and not toxic. Now I’m healthier than I have ever been and I have more things to scrapbook! Life. is. good.

Whether you are near or far, I’m here to help.

Creatively yours,

Dr. Phil